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You will find here some slightly out-of-date (1979) maps of Paraguay.
These maps at a scale of 1/500.000 are similar to the British "Ordnance Survey Maps", of the French "Cartes d'Etat Major".
Made for the Russian military in case they wanted to invade the country, or to support Russian-backed insurection,
they have informations rarely found on similar maps. For instance, for most railway lines the gauge is indicated.

Those maps were for a time freely downloadable from the net.
They no longer are, but since the holder of the ©opyright has disappeared...

To get a map, place your cursor over the zone that interest you and click.
The map will open in a new tab/window, from which you can save it

Only difficulty: All the text on the maps is in Cyrillic...


Last revision: 02 09 2018