The Anglican Church in Paraguay

The first mention of an Anglican presence in Paraguay goes back to the time of the Dictator José Gaspard Rodriguez de Francia, first président of the country after the independance (1812).
Asked by the Roman Catholic hierarchy to prosecute for heresy two visiting British traders, this enlightened tyran answered : "I dont care wether they are Catholics, Protestants or even Mahomedans, as long as they are not atheists."

The Anglican Church began growing in Asuncion from 1850 onwards, with the arrival of British engineers and technicians contracted by the government to develop heavy industry and railways. It grew in earnest after 1912, when the Saint Andrews Church was built under the impulsion of Dr. Stewart, who came here to found the Asuncion Medical School after having worked with Florence Nightingale at the Scutari Barracks Hospital, during the Crimean War.

Paraguay is now a See of the Anglican Church, which comprises the English-speaking parish of Asuncion and over thirty Spanish-speaking parishes covering the whole of the Republic.

Today the Anglican Church gathers about 5000 faithfuls in Paraguay.

Sunday Service is celebrated every week, at 10.00 AM.

There is more information on the Anglican Church in Paraguay (in Spanish) .You can download here the text of the Order of Services booklet

For the celebrations of the centenial of the Chapel, Tally McAferty has put together a scrapbook that retraces the history of the chapel, and of the Anglican congregation in Paraguay; you can download it here in .pdf form.

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