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In the Bibliography, the Humber Car Report
The different Notek tail-lights of the Kübelwagen
In the Bibliography, the 1944 Typ 2(82) typ 82e spare parts list
In the Bibliography, the 1943 spare parts list 
A DIY Signalwinker (or Signalstab)
List of Known Typ82 Licence-Plates Numbers
 ZF differential manual
 Labels for the Fuseboxes Covers
 Plans of the Floor Gratings
 Plans of the Battery Box
Drawing of the fuel-tank dipstick
German and British Jerry-can dipstick
In the Bibliography, the US Army manual TME9-803 reformatted for A4 paper
In the Bibliography, the manual Sonderausrüstung für Winterbetrieb
In the Bibliography, the 1940 spare parts list
In the Bibliography, the Notek blackout lights manual

My KübelYou will find here a short presentation of the Kübelwagen, some pictures of my (and a few other's) Kübelwagens, the story of my Kübelwagen, some useful adresses for spare parts and other things, some Kübelwagen FAQs, various links pointing to other Kübelwagen-related  or military-vehicles-related sites, various texts and tables dealing with the multiplicity of designations and nomenclatures of vehicles in the German Army, a list of the "Typen" or "Types" that were designed by Dr Porsche, a family-tree showing the ancestry of the "Beetle" and a bibliography of Kübel and VW related books. Also a very interesting page on the various paint colours used by the German Army during the last war.

Another page will give you a procedure for painlessly adjusting the cable-operated brakes of the Kübelwagen and other early cable-breaked Volkswagens, and information on towing a trailer with a Kübelwagen.

If you are interested, you can joint the WW-II VWs discussion list.

Anything more you would like to find here, contact me by EMail.

Short Presentation of the Kübelwagen

My KübelThe Typ 82 Kübelwagen (litterally "Bucket car") was the German Army equivalent of the Jeep; it was developped by Dr. Ing. Ferdinand Porsche, as a derivative of the Beetle; to simplify design and production, it shared the beetle's chassis/floorpan, engine, gearbox,  front suspension and many other smaller components.

Only the four-door open body was different, and was produced by the Berlin firm of Ambi-Budd as the KdF factory did not have the capacity to produce it in sufficient numbers.

La Schwimm du Dr MartiniAbout 55.000 Kübelwagens were produced during (and immediately after) the 1939-1945 War; other production figures are available.

Other military VWs include, in the 1939-1945 period, the much rarer (and sought-after) Typ 166 Schwimmwagen, the two sedan bodied Typ 92 (4x2) and Typ 98 (4x4); more recently, the Typ 181 (known in the US of A as "the Thing") was developped in the late sixties and produced both for the Bundeswehr and the Israel Armed forces.  

A nice line-up Quite a number of Kübelwagens and Schwimmwagens have survived the war and its aftermath, and those in Europe or the US are usually in the loving hands of collectors, who spare no efforts to restore them to their former glory; some others are still used as everyday transports in remote parts, in the Greek islands, or in Eastern European countries; these have usually been modified and modernised by their owners, and have less appeal for the collector.

I am often asked the value of a Kübel or Schwimm; all I can say is that in February 1998 my Kübel was in excellent condition, restored, with various accessories (oil-can, shovel, side screens, etc) and I sold  it for about 20.000 US$; a Schwimmwagen, which is much rarer, would sell for three or four Kübelwagens.

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