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Having got theough Ebay a second-hand Blair HBT3 tuner, I found it was a bit awkward to use with the clip microphone, and the tuner propped on a table; so decided I needed a support.

So I set out making one, as I did not care for the price of the model made by Blair, or the delivery delay getting one sent from the States (I live in Darkest Paraguay).

The materials I used are: a 120mm x 40 mm (about 5" by 1 5/8" for the un-metric heathens) piece of sheet metal (recycled from the enclosure of a burnt-out PC power supply) and a couple rare-eath flat magnets from an old hard disk.

A slot wide enough to go round the blow-pipe tenon was cut at one end, and the other end bent in a curve to fit over the top edge of the tuner.

Then the magnets were stuck in place with cyanocrylate adhesive (SuperGlue) to correspond with the battery compartment cover. 
I had planned to stick another piece of sheet metal onto the battery compartment cover of the tuner to give the magnets something to stick on, but found that the magnets attracted the batteries themselves sufficiently to make this superfluous.

To use, you only have to put the tuner in its place, pull out the blow-pipe from its stock a bit, slide the support between blow-pipe and stock, and push the blow-pipe back in firmly.

Since then, I have found that by adding a couple more of the same magnets on the other side of the support, I can also use it for the piping manometer described here

The support
With the tuner in place

As seen from the driver's seat.

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