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One controversy among those who are versed in Kubel-lore concerns whether the Kubel was ever meant to pull a trailer.

Recently-published information give us a partial answer: Yes , at least for a small series of prototypes: a number of Kubels were modified specially for towing a gun or a trailer, within the frame of a basic unit which comprised two modified Kubels (Schlepperfahrzeug Typ 276), a small caliber antitank gun (37 PaK), an ammunition trailer laden with 16 cases of three rounds of A. P. shell , and seven men (drivers included).

These Typ 276 differed from the standard Typ 82 on the following points:

It must be pointed out to those who would like to transform their Typ 82 into a Typ 276 that fitting Schwimmwagen wheels on your Kübel increases the load on the front wheel spindles and steering system due to the offset of the larger tyres; this can lead to a failure of a front stub-axle, specially the left-hand one which is weakened by the speedometer gears. The 'Janowski Spindle Fix' described in 'Baja Prepping Your V.W. Sedan Or Dune Buggies' ( Bob Waar, H.P. Books, Tucson, AZ ) may be found of interest if you consider fitting Schwimwagen wheels ( or just for very rough off-road driving ).

This text, translated from the bulletin of L' Escadron De L'Histoire, is mainly based on V.W. archives reproduced in 'der Kübelwagen Typ 82 im zweiten Weltkrieg'. ( Motor Buch Verlag ).

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KTRAILE R.Olgiati 29 05 1999