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for Kübelwagen, Schwimmwagen and other antique Volkswagens.


The adresses on this list were checked in April 2000; but remember that adresses come and go, and become obsolete.

If you should find adresses that have changed, that have disapeared, if you have the new postal codes for the adresses in D, or if you have any adress to add here, PLEASE let me know so the information can be kept in better state for those who will follow. TIA.

The list has been sorted between the professional suppliers, the amateurs who make / sell new spares, and those who sell or swap used parts.

New parts (Professionals)

New parts (Amateurs)

Old parts, sale and / or swap.

All the Amateur adresses above, plus:

Another good way to find spares is through the small ads in the magazine of the Bretzelfenstervereinigung club in Germany: Eherenfried TRON / Talstr. 26 / 7500 Karlsruhe 41 Pa / D

My thanks to Arild Danielsen, who helped bring this list up to date.

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KSPARESE R.Olgiati 5/07/2001